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Church Bells are Calling

With the season of weddings well and truly here its time to organise yourself so that you too can be glowing on that all-important date. We have all heard the saying you’ve ‘got to Fake it to make it’. So, with tanned pins, polished nails and a full face of fabulous makeup you will be prepared to step out in your full glory.

So, with all these necessary treatments begs another question ‘Where can you go?’ Who can you trust? Who is an expert in the filled of all things Beauty? NAKID is the latest addition to The Sharon Leavy brand which is a long-established company within the Hair and Beauty industry. It is associated with words such as excellence, skilled, brilliant and professional.

This Clinic is elegant, sophisticated and stocked with products and equipment of the uppermost superiority within the industry. No expense saved. Our therapist’s present with great expertise and experience within Skincare, Brows, lashes, Waxing, Tan, Nails and Makeup. Their love and passion for your skin and body sets them apart from other clinic’s you have visited.

The Sharon Leavy brand is all about setting the standards and pushing the boundaries within the hair and beauty industry and NAKID is another platform for Sharon to showcase her influence and knowledge in an evolving industry.

Bridal Skin Consultation

30 min


Bridal Makeup Trial

90 min


Pre-Wedding Day Tips

Priority after the dress of course should be your SKIN. All eyes are on you the day of your wedding, you want to be glowing! Start your skin journey as soon as possible. We recommend between 18 months and a year prior to your big day. This will give us time to work on any concerns you may have by using homecare, supplements and in salon treatments. This isn’t just about your face, we can also help improve the appearance of skin on the body. Through topical products & supplements you will see a massive improvement all over the body the key to perfect make up is perfect skin. 


This is another big one. Brows totally transform your face. Having good brows will make a massive difference to your finished make up look. Structured brows are everything! Everyone’s brow journey is different, but we recommend again 18 months to a year before the big day to make sure they are as perfect as can be! We suggest HD brows, a bespoke 7 step treatment to perfection. Your brows will be tailored to suit you. They can be as natural or as defined as you like. We will put you on a regrowth programme and work on getting your brows in the ultimate shape.


If you have been shaving forever & always, ditch the razor! Again 18 months to a year before is the ideal time to start. There is nothing worse than a shadow under your arm on your big day. When starting waxing, hairs are often coarser so lycon should be your brand of choice. Your waxing experience can be improved by using lycon wax which is the most pain free waxing brand on the market and is also perfect for sensitive skin types.


Exfoliating is key to remove all surface dead skin cells. By exfoliating regularly, it will help prevent ingrown hairs but also soften skin in preparation for spray tanning. Exfoliating your body once a week is enough and 2 nights prior to tanning.


Tan is another essential for most brides. Again, it’s about making sure you have your skin prepped the best you can. This will be done mostly through homecare for your body. However, the weeks running up to the wedding a professional body scrub is fabulous! It’s like polishing your skin! Once your skin is prepped to perfection you need to do a tan trail, there are loads of different tans on the market between light, medium & dark. Our therapist will guide you to find the one for you. Mostly brides do a few trails to make sure they are 100% content. 


Environ products use powerful active ingredients. We highly recommend you consult with one of our skincare specialists before purchasing.